Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Some pics from Heidi

I have given up trying to catch up on the past. I may regret not documenting our lives for the past few weeks, alot has happened. But I am wanting to move forward so from now on I am ready to blog about the present.
My friend Heidi babysat my kids the other night. She took them to the park and captured some really great pics of them playing. I love how they turned out! Thanks Heidi!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Haught Family Cabin Trip

We went to the cabin with Taylor's family a couple weekends ago. The truth is it is probably the last time we will all be able to go to the cabin together. Our family is just getting way too big. Cathy scheduled a family picture while we were all up there together. That was fun........and interesting! It proved quite difficult to get 7 grandkids happy and smiling at the same time. I was impressed though, the pics turned out great! Eli was by far the biggest challenge, no surprise there!! I will post the family pic as soon as I get it.
We always have such a good time at the cabin. This time was no different except for the last night we were there. We had just finished playing games, doing comedy skits, and playing American Idol on the Playstation when Dallas started feeling sick. One by one every body started coming down with the stomach flu. I take complete blame. Cooper had it a few days before we left for the cabin and I guess it was still in his system. OOPS! We spread our germs to everybody! Sorry guys! Even poor little Eli got it. He had never had the flu before so it was really sad for me to see him throwing up. Poor guy!! Despite the sickness, we had a great time and we can't wait to go back!

It is a tradition to ride the go-carts every time we go to Show Low. The kids really look forward to it!

Cooper really wanted to go golfing, I think this will have to become a tradition as well. Everybody (even the adults) enjoyed miniature golfing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Turkey Huntin'

A few weeks back Taylor took Cooper turkey hunting. It was absolutely freezing and a bunch of fresh snow on the ground but they had a great time. They came back with not just one but two turkeys. I guess I have a big Mother's Day dinner to look forward to!