Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Random pics from this last month

A couple pics from my weekend in AZ. I went all by myself and thoroughly enjoyed shopping, going out to eat, and staying up all hours of the night. It was so nice to hang out with my sisters and not have to worry about my kiddos! Thanks Taylor for watching the kids while I was gone! This is a pic right before we went out to dinner.
Mom, Marlene, Steph, and Karen (Tracy is taking pic)

Me and Reagan

I also went to watch my brother and his band perform. They were awesome!

Taylor was given tickets to an arena football game at the Santa Ana Arena. We had a suite which was nice because the kids didn't have to sit in a seat the whole time. They got to run around and act crazy.
Natalie brought her friend Abbey

Our family minus Cooper. He was at a friend's house that night.

Cody enjoyed watching the cheerleaders!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A couple home projects......

Taylor has been listening to me curse my kitchen sink for 4 years. He finally gave in and let me buy a new one. I splurged and got a new faucet too! I am in love with it! It "only" took us 10 trips to the hardware store and 3 days to install it! I am so glad that it is finally done.

About 6 weeks ago we planted a garden. It has really come a long way! I think the funnest thing about having a garden is the joy it brings the kids. They take such good care of it. Don't be surprised if you find bags full of veggies on your doorstep, I am afraid we planted way too much for our little family! Especially considering I am the only one that eats vegetables in our household!

These pics were taken 2 weeks after we planted. The peas and corn were from seed.



Here is the garden now. And it is growing by the second!
Zuccini and Tomatoes

Peas and Corn

Eli loves the garden. He especially likes to water it with his daddy.