Friday, November 9, 2007

Cody's Attitude

These pictures tell it all. Cody has been such a stinker lately. He wakes up before sunrise which may be a contributng factor. I think he realizes that when I am nursing the baby I can't stop him from destroying something. The other day I was downstairs, of course feeding Eli, and a few minutes go by where I can't hear Cody talking. I start to walk throughout the house calling his name. After a several minutes I still get no response and I am getting a little worried. Finally I walk upstairs towards the kids bathroom. I can hear water running....I am thinking, "Oh crap"!! I slowly open the door and there is Cody sitting in the bathroom sink. He was covered head to toe in water and hand soap. As I look around I notice EVERYTHING covered in hand soap. He turns to me and smiles and says, "I wash my hair mom". He was so proud of himself. You can imagine the thoughts and words going through my mind at this point. I took a deep breath and calmly cleaned him and the bathroom. Oh, the joys of being a mother!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Taylor's Monster Buck

This is a picture of the rack that came off of Taylor's "Monster Buck". You should have seen was HUGE!! Ha ha. He had a great time on his hunting trip though. I am just glad that he shot something otherwise it would not have been worth all of my sacrifices to let him go.

Eli Pics

Cody broke our camera about a week ago so that is why I have been behind on pictures. Taylor finally got to the store on Saturday and picked another one out. Things are going well here. I am feeling really sleep deprived!! I can't just nap whenever I get a little tired or cranky. I used to think that one child was busy and hard to take care of....boy was I wrong!! Four is a whole different ball game!! Eli wants to eat every two hours so as soon as I start a project he is awake and ready to eat. I can't get anything done around here, nor do I have to energy to even try. I really have to rely on Taylor to pick up the slack. Thankfully he has been more than willing to help out. He has been amazing!!