Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hospital Stay

My younger sister, Marlene, has twin boys, Josh and Tyler. They are 11 months old and hands down the cutest kids I have ever seen. The boys have been sick for quite some time, things like runny noses, ear infections, diarrhea....typical toddler stuff. They also have some feeding issues and it seemed to had gotten progressively worse. The had lost some weightt, acting lethargic, and were dehydrated. Marlene took them to the doctor on Friday morning. The doctor was pretty concerned about their condition so he sent them to the hospital.
When I got news that they were being admitted to the hospital and would be there for a few days I immediately booked a flight and left Friday afternoon to help. I have been in the hospital before with a baby and I just couldn't imagine Marlene trying to care for twins all by herself.
After running some tests and experimenting with different formula, the boys are now on a strict diet of just formula, rice cereal and very bland crackers. They can't have any baby food, table food, or dairy. The docs are hoping that this will help with the boys' discomforts and help them want to start eating again.
I really enjoyed my time with Marlene and her boys. I especially enjoyed the snuggle time! They are so sweet! I am also so grateful to have Taylor be so supportive. He was very willing to watch our kiddos so that I could run off and be a big sister.
Josh and Tyler were discharged on Monday evening. They have gotten their appetites back and hopefully will continue growing on a steady basis.

Tyler sleeping with me

Josh not wanting to sleep

When the boys started feeling better, it was hard to keep them busy/occupied.
Trying to keep busy

A Big Snow Storm

I am starting to get used to and maybe even enjoy (although I hate to admit it)having the cold winters here in New Mexico. I love experiencing the peacefulness of falling snow. I may be crazy, but I even love driving in it!
Last Thursday we had a huge snow storm move into Albuquerque. My kids didn't have school Friday so they really enjoyed playing outside all day. We built snow men, made snow angels, and Cooper even shoveled off my driveway. What a nice boy!!

Christmas Tree

December 4th, 2010
We went up to the Jemez Mountains to cut down a Christmas tree. It was actually very warm and not a lot of snow on the ground. We took our time searching for the perfect tree. I was too busy to take any pictures but after we got our tree and 3 others (for friends) we stopped at a little cafe and got some hot chocolate. This has become such a fun tradition.

This is the kids little tree that they picked out. For some reason I didn't get a pic of our big tree.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Eli, Eli, Eli

Do they have therapists for 3 year olds?! I'm not joking when I say that he may need some kind of bipolar medication!

Taylor and I have been engaging in quite a few conversations regarding our 3 year old, Eli. Anybody that knows him, knows that he can be a handful. He is a frequent topic of our prayers at night, seems trivial but I don't know who else to turn to. I know that Lord sent him to us for a reason but at times I feel extremely under qualified.
He has the same parents as our other children, raised in the same house, has the same rules, but he challenges EVERYTHING! Needless to say, I am exhausted. I love him so much and while he can be so hard, he can flip a switch and be a loving, kind, gentle, little boy. How can you ever be mad at this adorable face?!

Monday, December 6, 2010

November Happenings

*We finally got our front yard done. It was such a huge project to remove our old landscape and replace it with grass. I'm so grateful for my hubby and all his hard work!

*This year we went to AZ for Thanksgiving. Natalie had a blast playing, holding, and feeding the twins, Josh and Tyler. I love those boys to pieces.

*I was lucky enough to have Josh fall asleep on me. He just melts my heart.

*Cody and Eli enjoyed cuddling with Papa and reading books.

*Grandma spent most of the week in the kitchen. Natalie was right by her side most of the time making sure everything was tasting good.

*The day after Thanksgiving we canned flour and sugar. This was a lot of fun working together as a family. I think it has become a new Thanksgiving tradition.

*A few days ago Taylor built a firepit in our backyard. It has been so nice to spend time together as a family outside whether we're roasting marshmellows, hot dogs or just chatting around the fire. The kids have really enjoyed it.