Friday, February 27, 2009



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I Need Suggestions

I survived my day in the hospital. It wasn't that bad. The anesthesia was the worst part, it made me pretty sick/loopy for the remainder of the day. Now we wait for the bill. UGH! That tiny IUD is ending up to be a very expensive mistake. Now that it is gone, I am looking forward to being hormone free.



I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I can't say the same for Taylor. He was amazing and took care of the kids. Valentines day wasn't the complete bust that I thought it would be. We decided that since I wasn't really feeling well enough to go anywhere that we would have friends come over to our house to hang out. We had heart shaped pizza for dinner and cupcakes for dessert. The kids loved it, and that is what matters, right?

Nothing else is going on. Kids are back in school after a long 4 day weekend. I have been arranging lots of play dates for Cody. He gets really bored with just Eli and I to play with. I think he is ready for preschool...seems strange that he is that old already. I gotta start researching one for him and then swallow the fact that we will probably spend close to $150.00 a month for it. OUCH!

Eli has discovered how to climb onto my kitchen table....or any other table for that matter. About 10 times a day I walk into the kitchen and find him dancing on top of it. It is really cute but very dangerous! How do I prevent him from doing this?

That's about it for us! Here are some random pics I found on my camera this morning and a video of Eli doing what he does best!

Natalie started gymnastics a few weeks ago so we all decided to practice our skills as well. The kids were in awe when they saw Taylor and I doing cartwheels.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Happy Valentines Day to all of you! My Dad calls it Forced Affection Day. Which I think is hilarious, but true! We all have these unrealistic expectations of what Valentines Day is supposed to be like. And most of the time these expectations never get met. The point of Valentines Day is to show the people that are important to us how much we love them. So, regardless of what you choose to call this holiday, I hope you all have a great day with the people you love!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day of Fun

I am headed to the hospital in just a few minutes. I pray I make it back alive!! WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Oh well! There's Always Next Year.......

February 10th

Today is definitely one of those days that I want to grab a good book and cuddle up in bed. I have no motivation to do anything! There are about 5 loads of laundry that needs folded and put away, a sticky kitchen floor that needs mopped and 2 children that are thirsty for some attention from their mom. I attribute my current attitude to the weather. It is dark, cloudy, and miserably cold! Now that I am done blaming the are a few things happening in the Haught's house this week.
I was headed out of the house on Friday morning to a doctor's appt...(I will get into that story a bit later) when Natalie comes running out to the car with a bloody mouth. I gasped and screamed, "What happened to you?" Come to find out she lost her tooth. Well, actually Taylor pulled it out. He has a way of manipulating the kids into believing that he is the "best" man for the job. He literally has to sell himself to them in order for them to open their mouths. It is quite funny. He managed to get her tooth out with not one tear shed. What a stud Natalie is! I am grateful that Taylor tackles this parenting duty because everyone knows I would be on the ground passed out from the blood.
In other news, I have been loving having Cody and Eli home with me during the day. I get to spend good quality time with Cody and it has really helped his behavior. He goes the majority of the day now without any major fits or tantrums. I wish I could say the same about Eli. He has perfected the art of fit-throwing! Who would have thought that at 16 months old he would already know how to get what he wants.
Natalie and Cooper are really enjoying school right now. Cooper still fights doing his homework but it is so much better than last year. Natalie's homework is sent home on Monday and it is supposed to last all week. Well she gets it all done on Monday afternoon. She must get that from me! Ha ha.
Reader's Discretion is Advised
I went in a couple weeks ago for my yearly pap smear. I know, fun times! I had an IUD put in after I had Eli so they wanted to check that too. Well after a few minutes of the doctor trying to find the strings she couldn't find them so she advised me to come back in a couple weeks have one of the other doctors check. I went in this last Friday for a normal IUD check and this doctor couldn't find the strings either. She blamed it on my last doctor, he probably cut the strings too short. She asked if she could do a "slightly painful" procedure to try to locate the IUD. I agreed, I wanted to make sure it was still there. After what seemed like an eternity of her "digging" around I was in too much pain to continue. She still hadn't located it. She started to look concerned. She sent me down the hall to radiology where they did an ultrasound. The tech located my IUD but unfortunately it is not where it is supposed to be. It is higher up in my uterus and could have potentially perforated it. She said that it needs to come out and the only way to do it is by a surgical procedure. By this time I was in tears, 1. because I was in pain from the doc trying to retrieve it, and 2. I was scared that my uterus could be damaged, and 3. Who has time for surgery? That was so not in my schedule for this week! The whole appt was difficult for me and I was really wishing I had Taylor there with me. I went in for something simple and I walked out feeling like I was a "special case". You know when you hear the statistic 1 in a 1,000 woman with have this side effect...I was that 1 woman. I cramped and felt pretty crappy for the remainder of the weekend. I am feeling fine now but my nerves are getting the best of me. I know it is not a major surgery but still kind of scary not knowing the damage the IUD may have caused.
So, needless to say I am scheduled on Friday for this procedure and I am not looking forward to it. I will be quite woozy and out of it all day Friday and possibly in pain and cramping on Saturday. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO US!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Just Not Fair!!

January 29th-February 2nd

We went to AZ this last weekend. It was kind of a last minute trip. Taylor's mother has been struggling with her health and we needed to go be with her. Taylor had a Young Men's campout on Friday which meant he couldn't leave until Saturday but I was not wanting to wait until then so I took the kids out of school early on Thursday and started the drive to AZ. Thankfully the drive went smoothly.
Here is some background on Taylor's mom's condition. Cathy (Tay's mom) was diagnosed with colon cancer 12 years ago. Her health has been up and down since then. Over the past few years her cancer has spread to other organs in her body and has caused many other complications. She has under gone many rounds of chemotherapy and surgeries. She has defeated death many times. There is no medical explanation of why she is still alive. We all feel extremely grateful that she is still with us on this earth. We know it is an absolute miracle! Cathy and I have always had a close relationship. I have been comfortable around her ever since Taylor and I started dating. I love her for so many reasons but especially for the love she shows my kids. Lately, I have been living in a state of denial in regards to her health. As her strength is slowly deteriorating it is becoming more real that she may not be around forever.

Our family gathered together to go to the temple with Cathy. We also participated in a 24 hour fast on her behalf. It was such an amazing experience and we are so grateful that we were able to be with the family during this time. We all hope and pray that she will be granted with yet another miracle and she will live a long and healthy life.

I got to hang out with my sister, Marlene, her daughter Reagan and my neice Amber on Friday. We took the kids to the park since it was a beautiful 75 degrees outside. I guess my kids are not used to such warm temperatures because they were pink cheeked and sweating within about 5 minutes of being outside! So, I let them run through the sprinklers! They had so much fun! I was HORRIBLE about taking pictures this weekend but here are a few from our fun day at the park.

Since we were in town we got to go to my friend's daughter's baptism. Cooper was so happy to be a part of such a special day. He can't wait for his own baptism. I still can't believe I almost have an 8 year old!!

It was a short visit with our families but well worth the drive. It was great to see everyone! We appreciated the opportunity to be a part of such a spiritual weekend. The experiences we had will be remembered forever!

Grandma Barbara and Papa Larry

January 23rd-25th

My mom and dad came into town to spend time with my kids. It was so nice of them to drive all the way here for just 2 days. My kids thoroughly enjoyed having their grandparents here for the weekend. I can't believe how much Eli enjoys being around my mom. It was cute to see his face light up as soon as she walked into the room. Several times he even chose her to hold him over me.....CRAZY!!
We (Mom, Dad, Taylor and I) even had the chance to escape the children for a couple of hours and enjoy a nice dinner at Countyline.
Thanks mom and dad for coming out to see us. We miss you tons!!