Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cody Stories

I was just upstairs putting the 2 boys (Cooper and Cody) to bed. I love to lay by them at night and talk about their day. Cody usually ends up saying something funny.
Well, tonight was no different. It starts like this....
Cody rolls over towards me and says,
Cody: "Mom, will you tickle my back?"
Me: "Sure, roll over"
I proceed to start tickling his back with my fingertips.
Cody: "No, Mom, with your claws out!"

**Same night, but a few minutes later. I have walked out the door but can hear the boys talking....
Cooper: "What is that stink?"
Cody: "Oh, sorry Coop, it's probably my brest, I didn't brush my teeth today. Ha ha, don't tell mom."
In Cody's language brest means breath.
I gotta a good laugh!

I am really behind on posting. I have many stories and experiences to share but because of my new found obsession with couponing and facebook, my blog has taken a back burner. We are headed to AZ tomorrow for Cooper's baptism so maybe when I get back I can blog! Stay tuned............

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Killin Time

I just got back from Bunko and I am on a sugar high. Happens every time! Unfortunately, I won't be falling asleep for a while and Taylor is off at the gym so I figured I would get on the computer and blog. Hopefully kill some time until he gets home. I have so much going on in my head right now, I just have to spit some of it out!
We are being faced with some harsh realities in regards to Taylor's mother's health. It has hit us hard even though we have been trying to prepare for it. I find myself feeling very helpless, angry, sad, and confused. It really STINKS! I am not going to share details right now, .....maybe later, we are still sorting it all out in our heads.
More news. Cooper and Natalie got their progress reports from school last week. I am very impressed with both of them. We have Parent Teacher Conferences next week so I am excited for that. I just have to say how happy I am that we moved our kids to NACC. I have yet to be disappointed. YAY!
Cody is doing great. We practice his letters and numbers everyday. I am amazed at how quickly he is picking up on them. I wander if it makes a difference that he has older siblings? We also have a quiet lunch together once Eli goes down for his nap. Cody calls them our "lunch dates". He is such a sweet little boy...as long as he gets his way!
Thanks to everyone who offered to help babysit last Saturday for me. Many of you have asked why in the world I needed a babysitter at 4:30 in the morning? It recently occurred to me that I have a child (Cody) that is approaching preschool age and if I want him to go to a good school than I need to get him registered. Taylor happened to be on a Young Men's camp out the day of registration. (Good timing Tay)The particular preschool where I want him to go is first come, first serve. I knew I needed to get there early. Since I didn't have a husband to stand in line for me I thought 4:30 was early enough! Boy was I wrong. There were people that got to the school at 1:00am. It is crazy the things we do for our children! I will find out hopefully tomorrow what class he got in to.
Eli is same old Eli. Keeps me very busy. He is getting quite the personality. He is in constant need of my undivided attention. And if he doesn't get it he screams and cries. If his tantrums don't work he finds mischief. His favorite thing to do is go into the kitty room and play in the litter box. I know, DISGUSTING! Don't worry he is quickly disinfected. He still enjoys dancing on my table, rummaging through my cabinets and rearranging the dishes in the dishwasher. He is a handful and I am quite exhausted by the end of the day, but when he gives me hugs and kisses at bedtime it makes it all worth it.
Taylor just pulled in the garage....better head off to bed.