Friday, January 7, 2011

Haught Christmas

Taylor and I have always traveled on Christmas in order to be with family. We loved spending Christmas with all our loved ones but it just too crazy and we weren't enjoying the true meaning of Christmas. So when Taylor's mom passed away in October (last year) we decided we were going to start the new tradition of staying home and celebrating Christmas with just our little family. At first I thought I would hate it! After all I am a lover of huge crowds and mass chaos. I have to admit that this year it was sooooo nice to just be home with our kids and enjoy them. We stayed in our pajamas ALL day, ate whatever we wanted, and had no commitments!
I love Christmas time. It is by far my favorite holiday! I love the baking, the lights, the smells, and of course the over crowded retail establishments.
We are so grateful for all of our many blessings. Healthy children, a home, a job, and of course our families. Hope you all had a great Christmas!

A few of our favorite gifts this year were:
Taylor- bullet tumbler
Steph- video camera
Cooper- air soft guns, Colts paraphernalia
Natalie- gumball machine, ipod
Cody- air soft guns, remote control car
Eli- racetrack, Alphie the robot

Pajamas from Grandma

The Tree on Christmas Eve

Opening the Playstation 3

The guns

Eli's new racetrack

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